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Code: 02002 Cleaned Fruits and Vegetables 1kg 500 AMD


Code: 02006 Cleaned Fruits and Vegetables 1kg 500 AMD


Code: 02004 Cleaned Fruits and Vegetables 1kg 700 AMD

Potato big

Code: 10003 Vegetables 1kg 260 AMD


Code: 04006 Fruits 1kg 720 AMD


Code: 0184 Cheese 1kg 2 600 AMD

Apple red

Code: 04061 Fruits 1kg 650 AMD


Code: 04019 Fruits 1kg 720 AMD

Potato small

Code: 10001 Vegetables 1kg 170 AMD


Code: 04017 Fruits 1kg 750 AMD


Code: 02001 Cleaned Fruits and Vegetables 1kg 500 AMD


Code: 04001 Fruits 1piece 150 AMD


Code: 10024 Vegetables 1kg 350 AMD

Apple red French

Code: 04028 Fruits 1kg 1 650 AMD

Apple green French

Code: 04029 Fruits 1kg 1 650 AMD


Code: 04004 Fruits 1kg 600 AMD


Code: 04035 Fruits 1kg 1 200 AMD

Black plum

Code: 04052 Fruits 1kg 430 AMD

Potato medium

Code: 10002 Vegetables 1kg 230 AMD

Champignons (medium)

Code: 03002 Mushrooms 1kg 1 800 AMD

Fresh ginger

Code: 10018 Vegetables 1kg 2 400 AMD


Code: 02008 Cleaned Fruits and Vegetables 1kg 2 100 AMD

Champignons (small)

Code: 03001 Mushrooms 1kg 1 700 AMD

Champignons (big)

Code: 03003 Mushrooms 1kg 1 900 AMD

Becon "Atenk"

Code: 0172 Meat products 1kg 4 800 AMD

Khinkali cheese

Code: 0186 Cheese 1kg 1 350 AMD

Pork ribs

Code: 07005 Meat 1kg 3 900 AMD

Pork ribs (High quality)

Code: 07006 Meat 1kg 4 300 AMD


Code: 07007 Meat 1kg 2 700 AMD


Code: 08007 Meat 1kg 4 400 AMD


Code: 09004 Meat 1kg 4 200 AMD

Fresh chicken

Code: 11004 Meat 1piece 950 AMD

Village chicken

Code: 11006 Meat 1kg 2 700 AMD

Ckicken leg

Code: 0148 Meat 1kg 1 300 AMD


Code: 12001 Meat 1kg 2 700 AMD


Code: 12003 Meat 1kg 3 600 AMD

Crab sticks

Code: 12016 Meat 1box 350 AMD

Jerki Bacon

Code: 0181 Meat products 1kg 680 AMD

Milk ''Prostokvishino'' 3,2%

Code: 0214 Dairy produce 1piece 0 AMD


Code: 0221 Dairy produce 1piece 480 AMD

Red dry beans

Code: 0231 Groceries 1kg 1 750 AMD

Ground kardamon

Code: 0390 Groceries 1kg 12 000 AMD

Dish-washing spiral (rigid)

Code: 0465 Houshold goods 1piece 80 AMD

Becon "Atenk"

Code: 0172 Meat products 1kg 4 800 AMD

Khinkali cheese

Code: 0186 Cheese 1kg 1 350 AMD

Pork ribs

Code: 07005 Meat 1kg 3 900 AMD


Code: 08002 Meat 1kg 3 300 AMD


Code: 08009 Meat 1kg 4 800 AMD

Leg fish

Code: 08010 Meat 1kg 4 900 AMD


Code: 08014 Meat 1kg 3 300 AMD


Code: 08018 Meat 1kg 2 200 AMD


Code: 08023 Meat 1kg 800 AMD

Chicken (local)

Code: 11005 Meat 1kg 1 800 AMD

Chicken without bones 2kg

Code: 11017 Meat 1piece 3 600 AMD

Chicken heart

Code: 0155 Meat 1kg 2 400 AMD

Smoked cheese

Code: 0201 Cheese 1kg 3 100 AMD

Ground imbir

Code: 0357 Groceries 1kg 3 500 AMD

Dish washing liquid "Fairy" 1l

Code: 0442 Houshold goods 1piece 1 350 AMD
About us

It is already 3 years that GHR Product Service company is specialized in delivering fresh food to restaurants and food service departments. Meat, vegetables, fresh fruits and all neccessary stuff can be ordered this either online or by phone. The orders are accepted up to 2 am, delivery is carries the next day from 9 am till 1 pm. Delivery is free of charge and payment can be made by bank transfer.


Mushroom cookies

Add egg, add salt, zero milk, constantly add flour and stir until it is empty and then add the vegetable oil and bake cookies. Boil potatoes, mash, salt and pepper to prepare the core. Sprinkle onion, fry in vegetable oil, then add sliced mushrooms and continue to fry. After that, add potatoes, sour cream and cook for 7-10 minutes on a weak fire. Ready to be cool. Put the bowl in a bowl with a spoon, wrap and fry with butter.

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Armenian soup

Mix the water and yogurt until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Separate egg, flour slightly with butter, add gravy, salt and cook on a flame. Until the boil is very often, it is desirable to constantly mix so that it does not get worse. Cook until ready for gooseberries. Add greener. Serve with sour cream.

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Potato fan

We clean the potatoes and make cuttings. Salted with salt and pepper, sprinkle with herbal oil. Put in the pan and take 40 to 50 minutes in the oven. We do not open the sheets on the cuts, they will be opened independently during cooking. Sprinkle with green grass while serving.
When preparing potatoes, the temperature of the oven is 180-200 degrees. In the case of obesity during cooking our food will be more delicious and useful.

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Cabbage Cutlet

Cabbage semi-cut and grind blades. Add the egg, eggplant, flour, dill, salt and pepper to the resulting mass and mix it well. Take the cutlets from the collected mass and place it in the oven lubricant. Sprinkle with grated cheese on cutlets. Cook in 180 ° C heated oven. To prepare the sauce, add the mustard and lemon juice to the cream and boil well. Prepare chops with sauce.

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